There are some things that doesn’t surprise me any more, MS vision and innovation process is, with out any doubt, the exception.

Do you remember when Windows XP arrive, some software didn’t run, because it’s programmers couldn’t catch up with MS “new technologies”, and they provide users the “Compatibility Mode” tab. Now old programs where able to run on XP, almost as they did on W95 or W3.x (* or emulation mode).

Vista keep that solution, but due to “security guardians” old software didn’t get through as smoothly as it did on XP, but was almost able to run on an special mode *.

They also gave users the Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit which aids system administrators that are trying to use old software (or old versions) on new MS operating systems. They like to say: “resolving application compatibility issues”, it’s more fancy.

Well now, on W7 they reach the top of the mountain, and keep the same line of thinking:

  • We are plenty of resources (users buy new hardware from time to time)
  • We don’t care about “bit compatibility”
  • We have tons of projects where to “find” the missing part
  • If we don’t, no problem -we’ll buy it-

Put together all these premises and you came out with the “new compatibility mode”.

Why waste time (and money) on compatibility issues when you can run all that old crappy software on a virtual machine, and show only the window of that process (vm integration mode or as VMware did it in Fusion, now on Workstation to). It’s a silver bullet. Who would care of an extra 256 Mb of memory?

That is my friends, MS Windows 7 will bring (via separately download) a MS Windows XP virtual machine (bundled only with the Professional, Enterprise and Ultimate editions at no extra licence costs) which will be the new “Windows XP Mode” and will run on VirtualPC 7.

By the way, VirtualPC 7 is dated February 2007.

Will you pay a licence for a NEW operating system, that will run your programs on a virtual machine of a previous version that you already have?

Please MS guys (I mean teach guys) show me the REAL BENEFITS of buying and or using the “new” operating system.

If you want to read a bit more, in favour and not:

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