I’ve just read that BLADE Unveils Single-Chip 40GbE Switch, which has 1,28 TERABITS of non-blocking throughput!!!

With this in min, it’s more than evident that iSCSI storage will prevail over the “old” Fibre Channel. Think of how easy, and cheaper centralized storage would became. Forget about costly “fiber disk”!!!!

And as usual, remember who bought BLADE three week ago. I will refresh you mind IBM, yes the “Big Blue”.

So, we have a major step in networking, made by a player, other than Cisco, that made a mayor break through in the storage area. I personally believe that this will repositions IBM in the networking and storage area, and expect combos of I/O devices switches that will provide enhanced access to storage systems. But it’s important to mention that IBM, already have an agreement with NetApp (on the storage family brand “N”), so that can also have derivations regarding this new achievement.

From HPC Wire

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